UK License & UK Gambling Commission, UKGC

ukgc gambling commissionUK Gambling Commission is today one of the best and most regulated licenses we have within the gambling industry. Their task is to make sure that the gambling industry is free from crimes and that all the rules are followed and all the games are fair. They also hold the responsibility to make sure that all underaged children and other vulnerable target groups are not being hurt by the gambling operations. After the motion of The Gambling Bill was put through back in 2012 all casinos that offers gambling for UK players has to have an UK license. UK License is today considered as one of the hardest and most regulated licenses that a casino can get and that’s also why it’s considered one of the best.

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UK License – How does it work?

By statistics the gambling industry has always been very big in the UK since it was legalized back in 1960. Between 2011 and 2012 around 6.17 billion pound was circulated within the gambling business and around 20% of these was from online gambling. Since gmabling has became very popular in general during the last few years the regulations and the license makes sure that everything is kept in order and all the rules are being followed. Today it’s required to have an UK license for a casino or gambling website if they want to accept UK players. This means that the UK Gambling Commission puts certain guidelines and has strict regulations and high standards on the casino to make sure that everything is handled fairly. For example they required that all casinos has good protections and uses encryptions for all their transactions. They also require fair games, all gambling software that is being offered is required to have some kind of license. There should always be a customer service available that helps with problems and twists. If the casinos doesn’t follow these rules they will lose their license and has to apply for a new one.

Very reliable and popular license

Today over 1000 different companies that offer games and gambling on the internet has an UK license from UK Gambling Commission. UK Gambling Commission is today seen as one of the best licenses that you can get and that’s also why all casinos that have this license is seen as very trusted and reliable. The most of the big casinos we see on TV and hear about on the radio has an license from both UK and MGA. Another thing that makes this license so good is that they really care about the gambling securitys revolving Responsible Gambling. Gambling is supposed to be something fun and exciting and that’s preciesely why all casinos has to care about their players gambling habits. They’re required to offer monthly budgets aswell as access to pausing your account for a short period of time if you feel that’s necessary.

Does UK help with twists? How do you contact them?

Absolutely. If you feel that you’ve been unfairly treated by a casino with an UK license you’re free to contact the UK Gambling Commission by either telephone or mail:

Telephone: +44 121 230 6666