Three Card Poker – Play Poker with Three Cards

three card pokerThe name kind of gives you a hint on what kind of game this is. Yeah, you’ve guessed it, it’s Poker but with three cards. In this game however, you play against a dealer instead of other players. This is most common to play against offline against a machine but some providers have made Live Casino versions of the game. If you’re a good Poker player you’re gonna understand how the game works right off the bat. The game is steadily increasing in popularity and here we’re going to go through how the game works, some strategies you can use and how to maximize your chances of walking away with a profit.

How to play Three Card Poker

The rules are simple, the best hand wins. You start out by putting an ante as a bet, you’ll then get three cards and the dealer gets three cards, the dealers cards are hidden. When you’ve gotten your cards you have two choices, you either fold because you feel that your hand is weak, you then lose your ante and move on to the next round. If you decide to bet you’ll place another ante and then the dealer turns her cards and if you have the best hand, you wins. For the game to count, the dealer must have atleast one Queen, if he doesn’t you’ll get your bets back but no winnings, if she does, you get payed double your total bet.

Theres also sidebets that you can place, called a bonus. If you get a straight or higher, you can win up to 5 times your money for straight flush and so on. Every site has different payout tables and you’ll usually find them in the information window.

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Three Card Poker Strategy

As you may know, all of these table games are rigged in a way so that the house always has a small edge, however you can, with the right strategies, make this edge lower by playing smart. There is no way to ‘crack’ the system and always be a winning player, but you can definitely alter your chances of winning. Theres one very easy strategy for this game, always bet on hands that are better than Queen, 6 and 4. If you do this the house edge is 3.37%. There are some other strategies around the internet that you can follow but always use common sense, if it sounds too good to be true it usually is.

Play Three Card Poker Live

There are many sites you can find Three Card Poker on today, most sites offer it as an offline game against the house though. If you want to find Live Casino variants against real dealers you can check out our Live Casino page where we have listed many casinos that offer great Live Casinos with many different games aswell as great bonuses.