Rich Wilde and the Tome of Madness (Play’n GO) – Go on an exciting adventure!

Play’n GO is back with yet another exciting tease! The 27th of june 2019 will be the release date for the high volatile game Rich Wilde Tome of Madness. In this slot we get to follow Rich Wilde on a mission to unlock the mysteries surrounding the Cthulhu cult, find the ancient relics and try to find the Tome of Madness before it’s too late. The slot contains tons of exciting features and great potential for amazing winnings!


Based on the fictional universe, Cthulhu Mythos, the game contains a 5×5 grid as the playfield where the player needs to match 4 or more symbols in a cluster to win. Each win contributes to the game’s Charge Portal, which can trigger many different bonus features. The game has many different Wild symbols to both help the player with winnings but also to unlock some of the features. The Special Wild is the Tome of Madness itself, which replaces all other symbols. Rich Wilde plays the role of a multiplying Wild that not only replaces all other symbols but also multiplies all winnings by x2. A third Wild is the bonus feature, which we will go over later. Play’n GO really didn’t hold back with the bonus features in this one, that’s one thing that’s for sure.

Rich Wilde Features

Each time a winning cluster is displayed, the portals load is filled up which can trigger many different features on the different levels of the portal. If seven symbols load up the portal, two special Wild symbols will replace two random symbols on the playfield. If you manage to get 14 symbols in the portal, an Abyss portal effect will also be opened.

The abyss removes all symbols on the same row as the wild, or column as it’s also called, and adds these to the portal’s load. If you manage to get up to 27 symbols in the portal, everything previously mentioned will happen and you will also trigger a feature called the Void. The Void removes all base symbols and adds them to the portal load.

If you succeed in filling the Portal with 42 symbols, an interdimensional portal opens and launches the Other World function. Here you are rewarded with three to seven different portal effects depending on how many symbols you managed to get into the portal. After each cascade, a portal effect will be activated on the playing surface. If there are no more winnings in the cascade, it continues to the next portal effect until there are no more to use.

Now to the third and most profitable bonus feature, the Mega Wild! During the Other World games, there are 11 or 12 mysterious eyes visible over the playing surface. You can open these eyes by hitting a win on boxes beneath the eyes. If you open all eyes, Mega Wilden Cthulhu will be added to the playing surface. Cthulhu moves down with each cascade and destroys the symbols in its path that creates new ways for the player to win.


If you’re craving an adventure into another darker and more terrifying world you’ve definitely found the right place. In this slot, you’ll definitely notice the extremely high volatility when playing, but if you succeed in reaching the top of the bonus features you will be well rewarded, that is one thing that is for sure. Rich Wilde and the Tome of Madness has not yet been released but will be published at the end of June, and we’re really looking forward to it. You will find this slot first at Videoslots and Casumo.