European Roulette – One of the Oldest Casino Games

Roulette is today one of the oldest table games we have. It originated from France in the early 1800s. Today there are many different versions but the European Roulette is the most common one. You’ll find this game at most casinos today.

Roulette Live Casino

Roulette is one of the oldest table games available and comes from Paris where they started playing Roulette in the 19th century. Roulette is the French word for “small wheel”, and the whole game is all about spinning a ball on a wheel filled with different numbers. Roulette was also one of the first table games to be offered when casinos were launched online and were the first Live Casino Games to be released. What makes Roulette so incredibly popular, is the incredible excitement that comes with the glamour and potential that it offers. Finding a good casino that offers Roulette today is not very difficult as this game exists on almost all casinos around the world that have a table game section and Live Casino.

Roulette Rules

Roulette consists of one wheel on a table with numbers numbered from 0 to 36, which gives us a total of 37 numbers. Different Roulette variants may look a bit different, for example, American Roulette has two zeros, but here we explain European Roulette to make it easier, as it is the most popular variant. The numbers all have different colours, and these colours consist of red and black as well as green which is the zero. The game starts by betting on the numbers or colours you think are going to win, then the dealer spins the wheel and throws the ball, and the colour and number it lands on is the winner. Pretty much all of the different Roulette variants have the same basic rules regardless of whether you play online or on land-based casinos with small exceptions between different versions.

There are lots of different ways to bet and different strategies to use, but basically, Roulette is very simple to understand and one of the reasons why it’s so popular.

Quick Facts

Name: Roulette
Provider: Evolution Gaming and more
Lowest Bet: €/$/£5
Highest Bet: €/$/£100
RTP: 97.30%
Jackpot: No

Good to know

On Roulette, there are so many different bet options to choose between. We strongly recommend checking out a guide or a strategy if it’s your first time playing. There are hundreds of different methods and bet strategies to choose between, so pick one that fits your playstyle. Most importantly of all, don’t forget to have fun!

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Roulette – The World’s Most Popular Live Casino Game

Roulette is incredibly popular all over the world today, and we can guarantee that you will find this game on any casino that offers table games and a live casino section. This makes it super easy to get a bonus to play with when playing Roulette. As you probably know, we always recommend our readers to make use of a bonus whenever possible and here it is a perfect opportunity to find a bonus. At Live Casino, you will find the best and most popular Live Casinos with the best bonuses right now. If you play Roulette with a bonus and a good strategy, you can, in the long run, have an edge against the casino, that is, you are guaranteed to go plus. There are lots of different sites to find good strategies to make use of, a very popular one that we can recommend new players is the Martingale system. We have written a little more about it over at the Blackjack page.

Many types of Roulette

From the beginning, there was only European Roulette that originated from Paris in the 19th century, but in recent years many new variants have been released with unique and fun variations of Roulette, and here we were going to go through the most popular ones.

Immersive Roulette: This is a form of Live Casino Roulette that gives you a whole new dimension of Live Roulette. Filmed with multiple HD cameras means that your gaming experience becomes extra high resolution and you can see the game from many different angles. In this game, you can follow the ball’s smallest movement as it spins in each game and finally rolls into a slot. Make it extra exciting to play Roulette.

American Roulette: This form of Roulette works in the same way as European Roulette with one exception, instead of having 0-36, with 18 Red, 18 Black and 1 Green O, it has two zeros. This means that there are 38 numbers in total, which increases the chance of winning something for the casino.

Multiplayer Roulette: Multiplier Roulette is the so-called Live Casino Roulette used by online casinos. Here you will experience a new type of table game live where the excitement increases through playing with others at the same table. It is also extra social as you can converse with the dealer and the other players. Join the drama up close and see your and other people’s profits in real time. This type of Roulette is similar to what you experience in a land-based casino, though you can enjoy it directly from home on the couch or anywhere.

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