Live Super Sic Bo (Evolution Gaming) – New exciting version of Sic Bo!

Live Super Sic Bo is Evolution Gamings new version of the classic dice-game Sic Bo. The game works just like the classic where you bet on what outcome three normal dices will have. Extremely simple rules that everyone can follow, even players that are new to live casino games. This may sound like it would get old quite fast but here Evolutions ingenuity shines. Because right before the dice are tossed, a multiplier is added to several bet spots. If you are really lucky your bet might be multiplied a 1000x! Evolution Gaming has managed to raise the excitement with a thousand (pun intended!).

You play the game by placing one or more bets on the betting table. You bet on what the outcome of the three dice will be when thrown. Or rather, after they’ve been shaken since they in this game aren’t being thrown but shaken in a custom dice shaker. If the dice match your bet after the shake, you win. It’s as simple as that, but every round gets added excitement with the feature from Evolution Gaming.

This feature is a multiplier that is applied every round right before the dice shake. The multiplier can go up to a thousand times your bet. This multiplier is then added to none or multiple bet spots on the betting table. If your bet gets a multiplier and the dice then matches your bet after the shake your win is multiplied with that multiplier.

You can find this exciting dice game at all Evolution Gaming casinos. This game really is for everyone, both new, since the rules are so simple, and more experienced players, with the potential to win really big with the added multiplier. So we at FreeMySpins definitely recommend you try it out!