Casumo Player Took Home 240 000 Dollars From God of Wealth

Adam was just taking it easy after work watching a football game on the television when he suddenly felt like playing some slots. He opened the God of Wealth slot on his mobile, and just 5 minutes later he won 240 000 dollars.

Casumo contacted Adam a couple of days after the gigantic win to ask what his plans were with his new-found money, but Adam had not thought that far yet. He was still in shock from what had actually happened, he says. In the best case, Adam was hoping for a win from the Daily Drop, but landing the jackpot on the Mega Drop-feature was not something he could have ever imagined happening.

The win was celebrated with a party night out with friends, and then a weekend trip with the family. What he’s going to do with the rest of the winnings, he doesn’t know. But he has planned to lay aside them for the moment and save for the future. Adam is another lucky player who managed to win a life-changing sum of money in just a couple of spins. Are you also eager to try playing Jackpot Slots online? Then check out our site here at FreeMySpins where we’ve gone through how jackpot slots work, as well as brief summaries of the most popular jackpots. Who knows, maybe it’s your turn next?