Jackpot Slots & Progressive Jackpots

jackpot slotsMost of us have at some point fantasized how it would be to suddenly become filthy rich, how it would’ve been if we won that huge jackpot. Take for example the Finish guy who won 7,7 Million Euro on Mega Fortune in 2015. If you’re feeling lucky or just wanna try some of the most popular jackpot slots you’ve come just right. Here we’ve listed some of the most popular Jackpot slots on the internet right now.

Jackpot slots is slots with a progressive jackpot that is constantly going up until one lucky player manages to win it all. Jackpot slots works in the way that whenever somone plays on the slot, some of the money they put in to the slot is fed to the progressive jackpot to allow it to keep going up, so basically the players fill up the jackpot for one lucky player to win. Today theres tons of different progressive jackpot that works in many unique ways with wheels, random wins and picking bonuses where you can become rich in just a matter of seconds. Below we’ve gone through the 6 most popular Jackpot slots right now!

Mega Fortune

mega fortune jackpot slotsMega Fortune is created by Netent and is today one of the biggest progressive jackpot slots that exist. Mega Fortune has 25 lines and the max bet is 50 Euro per spin. When you get the bonus in Mega Fortune you’ll be sent to a spinning wheel where you want to get into the middle by working your way through the layers, the wheel will spin and if you land on the arrow sign you’ll progress one layer and better wins will Appear aswell as some of the lower jackpots. In the middle you’ll find the MEGA Jackpot which is the biggest jackpot. The biggest win on Mega Fortune so far is 15.4 Million Euro and was won by a Finnish Man on Paf Casino, he only bet 0.25 Euro.

Mega Moolah

mega moolah jackpot slotsMega Moolah is a progressive slot created by Microgaming. Mega Moolah is today one of the biggest progressive jackpot slots on the market. This slot has 25 lines and 4 different Jackpots – Mini, Minor, Major and Mega. This slot offers a Bonus feature aswell as Free Spins. The bonus Feature is completely random and will send you to a Wheel where you can win one of the four different jackpots. To get the Free Spins you want to collect three Apes, you’ll then get 15 Free Spins with a 3x Multiplier. The biggest win on Mega Moolah so far was payed out on the 6th of October 2015 when a British soldier by the name of Jonathon Heywood won 15 Million Euro from the Mega jackpot.

Mega Fortune Dreams

Mega Fortune Dreams is another popular slot made by Netent. It’s a follow up from the previous Mega Fortune game, but with updated graphics and sound effects. In this slot you’ll find a Bonus Game that contains multiple progressive jackpots aswell as a Free Spins Feature. The Mega Fortune Dreams Bonus works just like the previous game with a big wheel and you want to reach the middle, the further in you get on the wheel the bigger jackpot you have a chance of winning, the cash prizes also increases. This slot has set two seperate world records in the biggest online winning, latest one was on 15.5 Million Euro. Mega Fortune Dreams has 20 Paylines and the max bet is 80 Euro per spin.

Mega Moolah Isis

mega moolah isis jackpot slotsMega Moolah Isis is a progressive jackpot slot made by Microgaming. This slot is a newly released version of the original Mega Moolah game but instead of the original Jungle theme here you’re taken out to the Egypt and the pyramids. Mega Moolah Isis has just like the original game four different jackpots – Mini, Minor, Major and Mega. The slot shares the same progressive jackpot as Mega Moolah so if somone were to win the jackpot on Mega Moolah it would also restart on Mega Moolah Isis. Mega Moolah Isis has both a Bonus feature and Free Spins, the Bonus feature is trigged randomly while the Free Spins are triggered by hitting Three scatter symbols. You then get 15 Free Spins with 3x multiplier.

Arabian Nights

arabian nights jackpot slotsArabian Nights is another progressive jackpot slot made by Netent. This slot has a theme based on the Arabian Nights tales and it takes you out on a crazy adventure with a progressive jackpot. In this slot you find 10 different paylines and a max bet of 5 Euro, to get the progressive jackpot you have to bet 5 Euro per spin and you want to hit 5 Wild symbols in a payline. This slot also has a Scatter function with Free Spins, if you trigger it you get 15 Free Spins with a 3x multiplier. The latest win was by a lucky winner who claimed 2.6 Million Euro when he hit 5 of the Arabian Man in a payline.

Hall of Gods

hall of gods jackpot slotsHall of Gods is created by Netent and has a theme based on different nordic gods such as Thor, Oden and Idun. Hall of Gods is a progressive jackpot slot. To get the bonus you want to get three bonus symbols, when you’re in the bonus you want to break the shields and behind can be three different jackpots aswell as different cash prizes. The different jackpots are Mini, Midi and Mega. The slot has a max bet of 500 SEK and the higher you bet the higher are your chances of winning the Mega jackpot. Under 2013 a man from Sweden won 6.7 Million Euro when he managed to break three shields who had Mega Jackpot underneath, his bet was only 2 Euro.

Why play jackpot slots?

Most people play slots because it’s fun and thrilling, alot of stuff is happening at the same time, explosions along with big wins. most slots usually have a maximum win of 500-3000 times your stake depending on the volatility of the slot, this can become very good money if you keep a high stake but some people feel that this isn’t enough.With Jackpot slots you can get that huge win that can be live changing, we’re talking several millions in just a single click. Today there’s tons of different type of jackpot slots, some have fixed jackpots with a Mini, Medium and Mega jackpot with set sums but most of the popular slots has a progressive jackpot that is constantly being fed up and eventually pays out several millions to one lucky winner. All it takes is that one spin of 1-2 Euro and you can take home a win that will change your life forever, how thrilling isn’t that?

How come many casinos has the same jackpots?

The jackpot slots are hosted by slot providers which rents out their slots to casinos, this means that all casinos has the same slot and it doesn’t matter on what casino you play on. The most popular Slot providers today are Netent and Microgaming, Netent has made many popular Progressive jackpot slots such as Mega Fortune, Mega Fortune Dreams and Hall of Gods. These progressive jackpots are constantly being fed up by players on all these different casinos until one lucky winner takes home the massive price. The winning is then payed out by the slot provider, not the casino. Depending on how big the win is it’s usually payed out in increments or as in one big check by the provider, they will be contacting the winner after a few days to congratulate them aswell as inform them how it’s going to happen.