Dream Catcher – Spin the wheel for the win of your dreams

Dream Catcher is an original money wheel from Evolution Gaming. The game can only be played live and is set up like a Game Show with a host entertaining you as you play. It’s currently only offered by Evolution Gaming in their own studios.

Dream Catcher Live Casino

Dream Catcher is a new and fun Live Casino game created by Evolution Gaming. The game consists of a large wheel with lots of numbers on and reminds a bit about Roulette. This wheel is spun in real time by a real dealer or host as it is called, and if you manage to guess the correct number, you win your money times the amount you bet. Dream Catcher is incredibly easy to learn and also has the potential to pay out crazy money if you are lucky. The game fits all kinds of players as one can bet as little as a couple of Euros per number. There are many different strategies to use that are good in different ways. Dream Catcher has since release, been incredibly popular among the players and it probably depends on how easy it is and the great freedom of choice the game offers.

Dream Catcher Rules

As we mentioned earlier, the game is incredibly easy to learn just because there are not so many rules. The big wheel has several different numbers on it that you can bet on, and if you manage to guess right, you win the bet times the number you bet on. The higher the number, the rarer it is that it hits. This is because there are less of that number on the wheel. In addition to the usual numbers, there is also a 7x and a 2x, if you hit these, then all winnings are doubled with either 7x or 2x and then the wheel is then spun again. An example: You bet 1 Euro at number 5. The wheel stops at x2 and then 5. Then you win 1 * 5 * 2, i.e. 10 Euro.

All bets are only made with real money, so it is unfortunately not possible to test the game with free money before. We recommend that you go in and check a few rounds before you start playing with your own money.

Quick Facts

Name: Dream Catcher
Provider: Evolution Gaming
Lowest Bet: €/$/£1
Highest Bet: €/$/£100
RTP: 91.00 % – 96.00%
Jackpot: No

Good to know

Dream Catcher is a Network game created by Evolution Gaming, various casinos then rent the game and enter into their range. The game is handled by Evolution Gaming and it is possible for us as players to write with players from other casinos. At Dream Catcher, it’s just like Blackjack, you try to beat the house and not other players.

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Dream Catcher – A unique Live Casino game

What makes Dream Catcher, so fun is the fact that it is unique, there is no other game similar to that on the market right now. It’s nice to get some fresh air and try something new after all the standard card games. Also, Dream Catcher can only be played Live with a host in Evolution Gaming’s studio, since each player is not assigned a unique hand, any number of players can play simultaneously. The fact that it is Live means that it is much more social compared to playing against a computer, you can talk to the host and the other players. It also feels extra safe when it is played live since you then know that everything is done right and that there is nothing sketchy going on behind the scenes. It is merely a fun experience that you can enjoy when playing online.

Hot Casinos Offering Dream Catcher

Today, Dream Catcher is only offered by the game maker Evolution Gaming in their studio. This means that you will find Dream Catcher at all casinos that offer Evolution Gaming in their gaming supply. As mentioned before, this game is only available as a Live version and cannot be played against a computer. In the future, it is possible that it will be released offline, but this is nothing we have any information about today. Pretty much all the big and popular casinos on the market right now offer Evolution Gaming in their game supply, so chances are you will find Dream Catcher at your favourite casino.

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