Curacao License – License reglated by Curacao

curacao licenseCuracao is one of the oldest licenses we have for casinos and gambling today. Curacao’s licensing operation has been active since 1996, and many of the internets biggest casinos operates under this license as of today. Even though this license is very big and popular, it’s not that great since it doesn’t hold very high standards and regulations like MGA and UK licenses do. Today there are thousands of active casinos, and many of them regulate under Curacao licenses. There is a lot of legit ones but also some very fishy ones that we would tell anyone to avoid at any costs. These casinos have bad rules, regulations, lousy security and overall just a bad experience. We strongly recommend playing on casinos with MGA or UK license instead or a casino that has more licenses than only the Curacao one. If you’d like to learn more about Curacao we’ve gone through the license more down below.

Curacao License – Is it good?

Curacao is today one of the oldest and one of the most popular licenses we have within the gambling business, but does this mean that the license is good? For many people, this license isn’t very good because it’s so easy to obtain for many casinos and the rules and regulations don’t hold any standard whatsoever. Today there is a ton of different casinos operating under Curacao license that we feel that you should be careful for. Curacaos license lets all individual players figure out the rules that apply for casino gambling in their countries by themselves, so that says a lot about the license in itself. We would recommend another license, but if you want to play a Curacao driven casino, you should make sure to always read the terms and conditions before registering.

Be careful with Curacao License

At Curacao, it’s only one type of license that applies, and it covers all form of games and gambling. The license is called a Master License, and it’s used for all kinds of games where money is involved. Any casino can apply for this license and practically buy it within just a few months, unlike other licenses that take several years to get. Even though Curacao might not have the best regulations or rules, they’ve gotten stricter lately. Today the casinos at least have to fill the requirements of protecting players information and finances. But if the casinos fill these requirements, we can’t answer for. All we can say is be careful with this license.

Does Curacao Help with twists? How do you contact them?

Sometimes you can get help from Curacao if you have a twist with a casino or if you feel unfairly treated. But we can’t guarantee that they will do anything about it. If you feel like you want to try anyway, you can reach them by mail or send a message through their contact form.

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