SlotTracker – Get Statistics on your Gambling!

Slottracker2SlotTracker has been around for a while now, and it’s an amazing program which you can download to your computer. This program helps you get statistics from your gambling… Which games are you lucky on? Which games are just eating money? How many spins have you actually played on Bonanza? All of this is easy to keep track of using SlotTracker.

Downloading the program is very simple, you simply head over to their website and register your account, which is completely free. Then you download their client and launch it whenever you feel like playing, it’ll be active in the background tracking all of your slots, no matter what casino you’re playing on. Everything is completely automated, and the only thing you need to do is have the program running.

  • Powerful data tracking which keeps track of your total deposit and withdrawals. Shows your personal RTP as well as RTP on your RTP on specific games.
  • Community Data, check how everyone else who is using SlotTracker is doing and compare to your own logs.
  • Completely automated, you just need to have the program running.
  • Log in anywhere, no matter what computer you’re playing from. Logs are saved in SlotTracker’s database.
  • SlotTracker compiles logs from hundreds of thousands of spins and shows you the best slots too, for example, wager your bonuses on. Which games have the best Return to Player?

Register on SlotTracker today and start tracking your gambling. Getting started doesn’t take more than 5 minutes, tops!