Cashback is the new casino trend


Almost every year we have seen new trends come up in the casino industry and become incredibly large during a certain period and in 2018 it was definitely the unique and innovative loyalty programs. These loyalty programs on New Casinos are built up almost like games where you play to unlock new areas and reach new levels to get rewarded with finer and finer rewards. The higher level you reach or the more you play, the more rewarded you’ll be.

The new trend that we have seen become increasingly popular in 2019 is Cashback. Cashback works in the way that you play at a casino as usual and if the misfortune was on your side and you lose your deposit you can with the help of cashback get back up to 25% of your deposit. We still don’t know exactly why this trend is suddenly becoming so popular but it isn’t completely alien to us. Cashback in itself is actually very smart to take use of as it increases your personal RTP against casinos and raises the odds against the house. If the misfortune was on your side that day and you have cashback you can still get back a portion of your deposit to keep for the next deposit.

If you want to read more about cashback or find the best cashback casinos right now, you can check in at Casino Cashback here at FreeMySpins. There we have written about how cashback works, where you find the best cashback right now and a little more info about, among other things, Top-Up and what it is for something. Check it out now!


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