Baccarat, Get as close to nine as possible.

Baccarat is a classic table game that has been around for quite a while now. The original name for the game is Punto Banco and originates from France. The name can be translated to Player(Punto) and Bank (Banco).

Baccarat Live Casino

Baccarat or Punto Blanco as it is also called is a kind of table game where you play with several different decks of cards at the same time. This game is similar to Blackjack in many different ways and is incredibly popular worldwide. The game is that you have to draw cards to get as close to 9 as possible, you as a player may also bet on three different options, either that the player wins, the bank wins, or that it becomes equal. Specific rules apply which determine how the next card should be drawn as we will go through, but in short, this game mostly goes on tour and there is no direct skill. As previously mentioned, Baccarat is very popular and is available on virtually all online casinos that offer table games and Live Casino.

Baccarat Rules

Baccarat uses a total of eight card decks and the dealer shares as much as 3 cards per hand. If the value of the cards exceeds 9 then 10 is subtracted from the value. An example would be if you got 8 + 8 = 6. The dealer always divides two cards into the player and the bank, all with the front side up, and then if needed also the third card. All dressed cards and tens count as zero, ace counts as one, and the other cards count according to their value. The hand that comes closest to 9 wins. At five or under, a new card is always drawn, and at six or over one stops. The bank always acts the same as the player, so the rules are the same for both sides.

Here you can choose whether you want to bet on the bank or the player or draw. If you bet on the bank’s hand, you pay 5% commission, and the bank always pays 5% to the house.

Quick Facts

Name: Baccarat
Provider: Evolution Gaming
Lowest Bet: €/$/£5
Highest Bet: €/$/£100
RTP: 99.60%
Jackpot: No

Good to know

When playing Baccarat you have to choose whether you want to bet on the player’s hand, the banker’s hand or a draw. Both the player and the bank’s hand pay out 2: 1 while the draw pays out 8: 1 and sometimes even 9: 1 depending on how many decks are used. Keep in mind that when you bet on the bank’s hand, 5% of the profit goes to the casino in commission.

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Important with bonus when playing

As Baccarat is really only about luck if you bet on the right side, we think it is especially important to use a bonus to increase your personal RTP and to give yourself a small extra edge towards the house. As it looks right now, the odds when playing without a bonus on the player’s hand are 98.76% back to the player, and putting on the bank’s hand gives 98.96% back to the player. Should you bet on a draw, you look at an RTP of 85.6% which is incredibly low and almost never worth investing in. Utilizing bonuses and different strategies is almost mandatory if you want to get away from Baccarat as a winning player or have any chance of winning money in any long race. Over at the Live Casino section here at FreeMySpins, we have listed the best Live Casinos right now with really generous bonus offers that you can use to sit down at the Baccarat table next time.

Baccarat, the game with the highest RTP

Although Baccarat is based on very much luck and not so much skill, the repayment is one of the highest in the market. When playing Baccarat with good strategies and a good bonus you can even get so high that you as a player have an edge against the casino, but even without it you reach almost 99% repayment which means that in the long run you always get back 99 cents on your dollar. If you compare this with other table games, this is one of the casinos that has the best and highest repayment and it combined with the incredible excitement that the game adds makes it really fun to play. Baccarat can really offer incredible sessions if you have a bit of luck and you also play Live Casino so you can enjoy the game together with hundreds of other players at the same time.

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