Which casinos have the Fastest Withdrawals? We list the Fastest Casinos 2019!

bonuspengarA hot trend within the Casino Industry right now is fast withdrawals. This is something that many players have been valuing very highly for quite some time now when looking for New Casinos. It wasn’t until 2018 and 2019 that casinos actually started focusing on lowering their withdrawal times. Before this, the standard has been that the casinos take up to 24 hours before they even start processing the withdrawal. Then you might have need to verify yourself, or something could go wrong. This could result in a single withdrawal taking up to 7 days before it arrived in your bank account.

Today when you make a withdrawal you usually have the money on your account within a day. Casinos have started processing the player’s withdrawals much faster, and everything is much smoother. Something that casinos, unfortunately, cannot do anything about, is the speed of which the money arrives into your account after it has been processed. This is all up to the choice of payment method you used. Payment methods such as E-Wallets and Instant Bank Transfers are much faster than the old traditional Bank Transfers via SWIFT or Credit Cards. We’ve explained all of this over at Casinos with Fast Withdrawals, if you want to learn more.

So which casinos have the fastest withdrawal times? This is a question that is very hard to answer, but some casinos we really recommend are Leo Vegas, CasinoHeroes and BetSafe. These are casinos you can feel comfortable playing at, and the withdrawal times are just fantastic. They have a large selection of games, cool loyalty programs and secure transactions. CasinoHeroes, for example, offers an awesome adventure where you defeat bosses and get rewarded with Rubies and Free Spins.