Top 5 Best Gamification Casinos, These Casinos Offers Fun Adventures!

A while ago we wrote about Gamification within casinos, a trend that has spiked in popularity recently. Gamification is all about making something “gamified” and provide the player with goals and a sense of progress. This can be anything, such as reaching the next level or unlocking a new reward. The casino that was first out on the market with this was Casumo. At Casumo your casino experience is described as an adventure where you constantly want to reach the next level for greater and greater rewards. But remember that when it is this fun to play, it’s easy to go overboard. Therefore, make sure to keep to your budget to make the experience even more enjoyable!

It was after the huge success of Casumo that Gamification became more popular within Casino. If you want to read more about Gamification and how it works, you can check out our previous news post here at FreeMySpins, Gamification is becoming increasingly common. Below we’ve gone through the five Gamification casinos that are, in our opinion, the best on the market right now.

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Casumo was the first casino with this concept, so obviously we can’t make a list without having them on it. Here you’ll take your avatar on an adventure and while you play, you constantly advance to new levels and unlock finer and finer rewards. The higher the level you reach, the finer the rewards. Casumo also offers an awesome welcome bonus and a gigantic selection of games.

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At Rizk, you meet the superhero that has one goal; giving you the best experience possible. When you play at Rizk you advance in levels and get spins on the Wheel of Rizk, where you can win tons of different awesome rewards. All rewards at Rizk are completely wager-free so you can withdraw your winnings whenever you please. Rizk offers a broad variety of games and an awesome welcome bonus on your first deposit.

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Kaboo offers a fun, and incredibly exciting experience which really is similar to a video game. Here you find a gigantic selection of games, and when you play you constantly advance in levels and unlock Relics, which you can open for cool rewards. You also have daily missions to complete which will reward you with Relics upon completion. Kaboo has been on the market for a while now and gives you an awesome experience you don’t want to miss out on. Best of all, all rewards from Relics are completely wager-free!

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CasinoHeroes is another casino that has been around for a while now. When you register here you create your own adventure, and while you play on their wide variety of slots, your progress meter is constantly moving forward. When it’s filled completely, you can fight a boss and if you manage to defeat it you’ll be rewarded with Rubies and Free Spins. These Free Spins can be worth different amounts depending on the difficulty. The further you advance in your adventure, the harder the bosses will be. In total there are three islands with over 30 bosses per island right now.

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Highroller is a fairly new casino where you create a new avatar when you register. All players live in Metropolis from the beginning, but as you play you’ll constantly move to better and better neighbourhoods. The better the neighbourhood you live in is, the better the rewards will be. Every day you have missions to complete and you can rob the other players for coins, which you can then exchange for rewards. A very unique and fun concept which has really succeeded!

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